The CPCRA Network

The CPCRA is an established clinical trials program that conducts research through a national network of community-based clinical units. The CPCRA {currently} includes 16 units with more than 160 collaborating sites that provide HIV primary care for approximately 60,000 patients. Additionally, Associate Sites collaborate with the CPCRA network to enroll participants in targeted studies.

Together, the collaborating sites have enrolled more than 25,000 HIV-infected individuals in clinical trials. Participating sites include private physicians’ practices, public hospital clinics, freestanding community clinics, university and veterans’ hospital clinics, and drug-treatment facilities.

CPCRA Leadership and Structure

The components of the CPCRA include the Network Principal Investigator, the Executive Coordinator, the Management Group, the Steering Committee, the Standing Committees, the Community Constituency Group, the Operations Center, and the Statistical and Data Management Center (SDMC).

  • The Network Principal Investigator (PI) of the CPCRA is the chair of the Steering Committee and has overall responsibility for the performance of the group.
  • The Executive Coordinator of the CPCRA directly assists the Network PI in coordinating the activities of the Steering Committee and all of its standing committees.
  • The Management Group represents the operational services of the CPCRA. They assist the group leader with implementation and continual oversight of all of the activities of the group.
  • The Steering Committee serves as the principal governing body of the CPCRA and, as such, has broad authority over resource allocation, direction and implementation of the group’s scientific agenda, and overall policy development. The standing committees report to the Steering Committee, and their chairs are members of the Steering Committee.

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